Sales, Stress and Customer Appreciation Programs by James Smith
Each of James’ presentations and training venues are thoroughly researched and optimally designed and customized for maximum success for his clients and their people. He will teach you to be the BEST in your field and assist you in outperforming your competitors.The Creativity of Stress©James' copyrighted stress programs identify your individual corporate distresses as he guides you through major professional changes which will resolve most of your problems and make you better than the competition. Resolve the stresses, and you become more productive and successful.
The Smith Speaks Philosophy

1. Provide the BEST Product

2. At the BEST Price

3. With the BEST Customer Service

* If you do not have the BEST Customer Service, forget about Numbers 1 & 2!

Expanding Your Communication Skills

You know your business. Importantly, James knows the communication skills that will expand the sales and services of your business. Smith’s communication techniques will make you a better executive, manager, negotiator, and seller. James will teach you to sell your business better with elevated communications. The way you communicate your business determines how effective and successful you are with your business. Smith will teach you to think ahead as you present your business to clients. He will expand both your vocabulary and its use to make the deals.

Making Your Customer Service the BEST

Yes, James Smith is very bold with his Customer Service Philosophy! It works, and he’ll teach you to make it work for you and your company. Smith is aggressive but calm and will teach the same concept and drive to you.

Voice Training

That’s Speaking, not Singing. Although James Smith is a Chicago-trained Baritone/Tenor, he does not teach voice for singing. To be the BEST singer, one must learn voice techniques including pronunciation, diction, grammar, and vocalization from the diaphragm. The same techniques make a business person a superior speaker and presenter. Ah, more rules for SUCCESS through the trained voice!

Accommodating Success

James specializes in working with college and university students experiencing special challenges who require individual accommodations. These presentations and sessions are not too different from James' corporate programming. He encourages the advanced thinking of undergrads and seniors preparing for the workplace approaching graduation. These students may have dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disabilities. They may be visually or hearing impaired. Yet, their challenges are many times not so different from the distresses engaged by others on campus. Just like in the corporate world, students must learn to be creative in accommodating success in their professional lives in school or the workforce.

Telephony Applications to Better Your Business

James has a telephony [Interactive Voice Recognition] background which first began with assisting the visually impaired. The technology has evolved to vastly improve the accessibility of data and information for the 20/20 traveling customer. Many Fortune 500 Companies are enhancing their Customer Services via Telephony Interactive Voice Recognition applications customized for their company, but many fear technology changes and fail to recognize the value of Telephony IVR.

James’s understanding of the Telephony IVR technology, his business savvy and communication skills have advanced the Telephony IVR industry in today’s marketplace. Although Telephony IVR remains relatively new, James’s presentations of this industry are most PROFOUND! Hence, not only does he understand the technology, he knows how to sell it. He sells the concept but neither the hardware nor the software.

The Creativity of Stress© with Visual Impairments

James Smith specializes in presenting unique programs on vision and the human eye. Smith is not a doctor but has had the fortune to be surrounded by outstanding medical doctors in the fields of Ophthalmology, Optometry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry. James learned from the BEST! Smith’s extensive knowledge and recall of visual experiences provide invaluable research and studies for many in the medical fields. Importantly, Smith delivers creative insights and solutions for the visually impaired to advance their professional and personal lives.

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